Can Can Yarn

Lively and crazy aren’t always the first things that come to mind when we think of knitting. It’s the kind of thing you sit down for, quietly stitching for hours on end. But people who think that probably haven’t worked with Can Can yarn—a line of yarns, patterns, and knitting tools whose products are the farthest thing from boring.

The Can Can line is made by Rico Design, a German yarn maker known mostly for its colorful designs and its wide variety of patterns. It stems from the same lively range as their fluffy Pompon yarns, which make great scarves and socks. Rico products range from classic soft colors to chunky, textured and multicolored designs, as well as specialized materials such as merino and organic wool. Although the styles and colors are their main selling point, Rico yarns are more than just eye candy—each strand is made first and foremost to be strong and comfortable.

Can Can yarns are excellent proof of this rule. Thick and comfortable yet surprisingly sturdy, they make top-quality scarves and accessories that can rival their pricier machine-made counterparts any day. And they don’t let style suffer either—Can Can scarves come in a wide variety of colors, from simple neutrals to eye-catching brights and fluorescents. The textures appeal both to the eye and the skin, adding lots of personality to your everyday fall outfit while keeping you warm.

The yarns are designed work with 8-mm needles and are surprisingly easy to work with, despite their thickness. Basic solid colors include black, brown, gray, turquoise, red, cream, and purple, and make great everyday pieces. You can also go for a “mix,” a two-tone thread with a striking gradient pattern. Red and black, green and blue, black and blue, blue and pink, green and black, pink and purple, and black and white are among the most popular. Each ball has enough yarn for one standard-length frilly scarf and sells for about £10 ($16) online.

Can Can yarns are a great choice for intermediate to advanced knitters who want to try their hand at bolder designs, although the patterns are perfectly manageable for beginners as well. Each ball of yarn comes with a scarf pattern, so all you have to do is pick up your needle and knit away. Make a couple for yourself or give them away—it makes a unique, inexpensive gift for the holidays!

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