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How to Do Scrapbooking

As a hobby, scrapbooking is surprisingly versatile: you can use it to stay organized, store valuable trinkets, exercise your creative muscles, or all of the above. Most of us learned how to do scrapbooking in our teens, but many have carried the habit well into adulthood, stashing decades-old photos in brightly colored pages and watching their collections grow over the years.

What’s great about scrapbooking is that there are no rules, which means you can let your imagination guide you. Of course, if you’re the type who likes order and precision, this may turn you away. But it’s just a little getting used to—and once you get started the ideas just keep coming. Here’s a quick how-to guide to help you out.

First, organize the items you want to put in your scrapbook—photos, notes, cards, letters, old doodles—and group them any way that seems plausible. Some people group them by year, by people, or by event. Think in pages. Which items would make the most sense together in a page? (Tip: most scrapbooks can fit about four standard-sized photos per sheet).

Next comes planning your layout and buying your materials. You can do one or the other first; some people like to plan ahead, while others get their ideas while browsing through the store. When choosing scrapbook paper, picture your photos against them and make sure they’ll stand out well. You’ll also need to get embellishments; these can include ribbons, buttons, glitter, paper cutouts and stickers. Again, think of what goes well with what photos you have and the background paper you’ve picked.

Once you’ve got everything you need, set up your workspace and make a mock-up of the layout you had in mind. This is just to make sure they look good together, so you’ll probably have to move some things around. You may also need to crop some pictures or pad them, depending on your space. You can start gluing things together once you’ve made a final design.

The last step is adding your own personal touch to the scrapbook. You can do this by writing little notes around the pictures, or adding some hand drawings if you like. Some people like to have friends and family write on the pages as well. You can stick with one theme for all your pages or change things around once in a while—as we’ve said above, there are no rules, so it’s all about following your instincts!