Dragon Yarns

Dragon Yarns is one of the leading online resources for knitting products, including yarns, needles, patterns, kits, and accessories. Based in Gloucestershire, England and founded in 2003, they are known for their diverse selection of brands and materials, as well as a keen eye for quality and design. They also have one of the most competitive price ranges around, making them a top choice for both professional and amateur knitters.

The company is known particularly for its selection of yarns, which include both common and hard-to-find fibers. There are basic yarns in all lace weights and thicknesses, as well as various textured and multicolored ones. Although they don’t make their own for the time being, many people go to Dragon Yarns for their broad range of fibers, which include wool, silk cashmere, cotton, bamboo, alpaca and angora. There’s something here for every taste—plant-based, organic, smooth, chunky, you name it.

Although based in the UK, Dragon Yarns carries brands from all over the world, including Italian, Canadian, and even Uruguayan manufacturers. This is part of what makes them a good resource: they’re open to sourcing their materials from lesser-known sellers and even support small and startup manufacturers. Many of their brands are approved by the World Fair Trade Organization and have been certified for quality. There’s also a good selection of organic and all-natural ones for knitters who have sensitive skin or are environmentally conscious.

This variety is particularly attractive to intermediate to expert knitters, who may want to experiment with different textures or color combinations. For instance, their chenille-type chunky yarns offer lots of room for creativity—they’re great for making fun scarves and ponchos, but they also work well as accessories, adorning hats, bags, and cardigans. Of course, for those just starting out in the craft, there’s no shortage of options either: basic light yarns come in all colors and weights, so you can start as small or big as you like.

Dragon Yarns also sells patterns, which can come in handy if you find a nice yarn but don’t know how to work with it. There are buttons and accessories to help you spruce up your finished products, or even get ideas for your next project. They also have instruction books and pattern books for knitters of all skill levels. It’s a one-stop shop—whether you’re just starting out or are ready to start your own business, you’re sure to find everything you need here.

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