How to Crochet a Circle

One of the first things you learn in crocheting is how to crochet a circle, the first step in most of the popular projects. But although it’s easy to learn—most of us are taught to chain two and then add stitches to the first stitch—making a perfect circle is harder than it seems, even for experts. And that’s tricky because if you start with an imperfect circle, you’ll end up with a lopsided product.

Many enthusiasts abide by the magic ring technique, a surprisingly simple way to come up with perfect crochet circles every time. What’s good about this technique is that it’s flexible, meaning you can alter it for your comfort and still get the same results.  Start by looping the yarn around your three middle fingers, inserting the short end between your middle and index, and securing this end with your thumb. The other end should wrap around the base of your pinky and hang free. This will allow you to control the tension by bending your little finger; you will need to keep it snug to make your circle hold.

You’ll be working with your hand sideways and your thumb on top. Hook the yarn where it loops around your index finger, passing your hook under the middle finger. The hook should end up over your index finger. Now twist the hook to take the yarn on your index—this is the part you’ll be working with. Create your first loop by pulling on the yarn that goes over your middle and ring fingers.

Turn this loop into a single crochet by hooking the ends together. This should leave you with a single stitch jutting from the ring, with your hook outside the circle. Push the hook into the circle on your middle finger, making sure it’s just under the tail, then use it to grab the thread on your index and slide it through the loop. This will make a second loop.

Next, wrap some of the yarn around your hook and pull it through both of the loops to complete your first stitch. Pull more yarn through the loop as instructed above, repeating until you reach the size you’re going for. One that’s done, hold the stitches with one hand and pull the tail with the other. This will pull the stitches together and create a slightly curved circle, like a kidney bean. Complete your circle by sliding the working yarn through your first stitch, using your hook.

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