How to Make a Hemp Necklace

DIY fashion came into the scene in the early 2000s and never seemed to have left. Even alongside classic gold and silver stands, hemp and beads seem to hold their own, its market including students, yuppies, and everything in between. And what’s great about handmade jewelry is that every piece is the only one of its kind—and it takes no more than a bit of practice to start whipping out your own. Get started with this guide on how to make a hemp necklace.

You’ll need two lengths of hemp, one about five yards long and another twice as long as the necklace you’re making. Fold both pieces in half, keeping the shorter one on the inside. The five-yard piece will by your “knotter”—you’ll be using it to make knots on the shorter “carrier” cord.

Tie an overhand knot at the end using the two pieces, then line them up so that the two halves of the shorter one is on the inside. If this proves hard, you may need to untie the knot and make sure they are lined up correctly before redoing the knot.

Now start tying square knots with the knotter cord around the carrier cord. Bring the far right cord to the left, passing them under the two middle ones and over the left. Do the same with the cord on the left, bringing it under the two middle ones and over the right. Pull on both ends to tie the knot. Alternatively, tie on one side throughout to create a spiral.

After about 15 of these knots, depending on how tight they are and how thick your cord is, you should have an inch or so of knotted cord. Slip one bead over the two middle cords, then make another square knot below it using the outer cords to lock it in place. Do the same with the rest of your beads. You can add a pendant by slipping another bead through the bottom cord halfway through the length of the necklace.

Finish off your necklace by tying another overhand knot at the end, leaving about five inches for adjustments. Pat some glue over the cords as you’re tying them to keep them in place—use industrial or craft glue instead of the water-soluble kind. You can also add locks and hooks at this point, although if you’re making a big necklace this may not be necessary.

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