Sirdar Patterns

Sirdar is a UK-based manufacturer of yarns and other knitting products. Established in 1880, it started out as a spinning company run by two brothers whose sole goal was to produce high-quality knitting products. By 1934 they had built a steady market and moved to their present location in Alverthorpe, passed the business on to their sons, and decided to focus largely on knitting yarns. At the same time they renamed themselves after the title of an Egyptian king, and made it a point to show this glory in every product with rich colors, beautiful designs, and top-grade material.

Although yarns and knitting tools remain their main products, the company is perhaps best known in the knitting community for their project patterns. Sirdar patterns are credited with making knits fashionable, running the gamut from baby sweaters and hats to stylish cardigans, shirts, shawls, and scarves for both men and women. This is because they update their collections regularly, following trends from the catwalk to the high street. When well-made, Sirdar creations can outdo their factory-made counterparts in terms of craftsmanship and style.

Babies’ clothes are especially popular in Sirdar’s line. The soft, warm feel of their yarns lend themselves very well to babies’ sensitive skin, and parents around the UK and beyond attest to their comfort and quality. They have patterns for baby coats and ponchos with matching hats, tanks and waistcoats, baby blankets, and a wide range of accessories, including caps, bootees, and mittens.

They also have a varied range of children’s clothes, from sweaters to scarves and hats. The patterns and colors are very age-appropriate, and the finished products make for an excellent school wardrobe. For adults, the line includes sweaters, tops, cardigans, and waistcoats, with designs for both men and women. Beginners will especially love the small accessories such as hats, socks and gloves, as many are particularly easy and come in attractive color combinations. Parents can even create matching pieces for their children—a perfect gift for the holidays!

The secret to the longevity of Sirdar patterns is that they are made to keep up with the times. It’s not just about dressing for the seasons—it’s about reflecting the needs of people. Their decades-long collections have included wartime pieces from the 1940s and colors and frills from the 1970s. If you’re looking to knit something that’s just as meaningful as it’s fashionable, a Sirdar pattern is a great start.

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